Sarra & Brad are cool – far cooler than I am. I mean these two have the funky apartment in hip Milwaukee neighborhood, gorgeous artwork hanging in their home – and they took me to an art gallery for some unique photographs at the end of the evening. When I got to their home, Sarra couldn’t wait to show me her newly purchased YELLOW wedding dress she will be wearing this March. What I love about these two is that they have no desire to fit the wedding mold. I was in love with them after five minutes of our first meeting because they were so forthcoming with expressing how much they wanted to not feel like they need to follow the rules. You all know me – I am certainly not a rule follower. We ended up getting way off topic chatting about life and social norms that we were no longer even talking about photography. Right there and then we knew we were a perfect match. Love at first sight – sounds silly, but so true.

For those planning a wedding or simply feeling the pressure of social norms, this is your permission to do what makes sense for you. Yes, there always reactions to your choices, however the choice is always yours. Couples who choose to go down the path they want to go down always resonates with me, because the alternate path is the one my husband and I chose. The simple decision to choose a different path is why we as humans evolve our traditions and norms – and it is a beautiful thing to evolve and grow. I hope someday the wedding norm IS the small and intimate wedding, because I think we place a whole lot of pressure on the ceremony, and sometimes forget the sentiment all together.