Becky & Kent


No two couples are exactly alike- so why does a lot of engagement photography look the same? Photographers get stuck in ruts. We are notorious for finding things that "work" and use and abuse them over and over. This isn't necessarily all bad. I think of the saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it"- and this is true. Photographers use and abuse "Golden Hour" because of it's gorgeous light qualities. We ask clients to whisper nonsense into each others ears, because its silly and awkward and that is when the real laughs happen. BUT- what about finding ways that showcase each clients uniqueness. Like I said, no two couples are alike. They show love in different ways- some are romantic, some are comfortable really embracing one another, while others are quirky and silly. This couple was obviously silly. So instead of making them feel uncomfortable being serious- I let them be who they are- and this magic happened!