Atwood AirB&B Fall Mini Sessions

As an artist and a photographer, I am always trying to bring my clients something different- Something that speaks true to who their family is. I have always been one who prefers “messy” photographs, the ones that tell a story and maybe aren’t perfect, but perfectly imperfect. To me, photographs are meant to provoke a feeling of nostalgia. For this year’s mini sessions, I decided to do something bold and different. I wanted the focus of their photographs to be of their family’s interaction, not the background, not the fall leaves, but them. I wanted to ensure that even though my clients only had a thirty-minute window

of time to be photographed, that we still were able to capture that “feeling” and love. I decided to rent out an Airbnb in the Atwood neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin and strip it all down.  I was lucky enough to find a little eclectic gem to host my families this year with a simple staircase and hardwood floors. Was photographing families in a small home easy? - not really, in fact it was some of the hardest sessions I have ever done. But the results… I will do it again next year in a heart-beat. Thank you to the families who trusted my vision this year and went against the fall mini session grain.