A Photo Journalistic Approach to Newborn Photography


I have always been drawn to photojournalistic photography. Its raw & real and I devote my career in giving heirlooms to clients that make them feel something. The photographs I give my clients are not simply airbrushed and perfectly posed- they are perfectly imperfect just as each client is. This style of imagery is beautiful for lifestyle family sessions & weddings- because of the love and emotion. Last month I was overjoyed when my un-biological nephew Emmett was born. I knew I had to take the day off and devote my time to photographing him and the love that surrounded him. Stephanie & Jeremy are first time parents- they had that loving glow about them as soon as I walked into the room.

Being back in the hospital really took me back to when my first-born son was in my arms for the first time. It is an unearthly feeling- its transcendent- and I was so overjoyed for my best friend to be able to experience that kind of love. The gift of having photographs for these milestone times in your life is unparalleled. You cannot redo moments. You can either hope they forever stay in your mind- or hire someone to preserve those moments as heirlooms. I am confident that ten years from now Stephanie & Jeremy will cherish these photographs even more than they do now- and that is what fuels me as a creative professional.