The Beauty of Beauty Editorials


A beauty editorial is far more than your typical “boudoir”. Typically, the idea around boudoir is to take sexy photographs of yourself to give to your husband, which is a really great thought. However, my Beauty sessions extend far beyond the notion of boudoir. This is a session crafted only for YOU. It’s about loving yourself and all your imperfections without succumbing to society's idea of what is considered to be beautiful. It’s about revealing your soul through raw and authentic portraiture.

So, most women love a good spa day. You usually go into the salon with cracked feet, dry hair and dull skin and after your spa treatments the feet become nourished, the hair becomes soft and the skin becomes hydrated. A beauty session is meant to work in the same way. When a client leaves a beauty session the goal is to have taken beautiful images, however I want each client to feel empowered, rejuvenated and in love with themselves again. I want my clients to know they own a little piece of themselves tucked away in a drawer ready to be looked at when they are feeling down and uncomfortable in their own skin. And of course, share them with our significant other. Let them know where that little gem is tucked away for their viewing pleasure,

I preach about legacy in almost every single post I write. You may be sick of hearing about it by now, however it is so important. I think about each client when they are ninety years old. They probably had a life full of children, joy laughter, hardships and travels. I think of them sitting in a chair after their children have created lives of their own, their grandchildren are turning into adults and they are beginning to realize they are nearing the end of their beautiful and unique life. I think of these women reaching into a drawer in their bedroom and opening and album full of their images of them when they were thirty and thriving. I feel these women’s wrinkled smiles as they think to themselves “I wish I knew how beautiful I was then”. I can see these women looking in the mirror and wondering where that time has gone. My hope is when they look at the images of themselves they remember the milestones, the times they grew and changed, and again remember just how beautiful they really are.

When thinking about working with women for portraits, traditional Boudoir just didn’t cut it for me. I wanted to give my clients more than simply playing dress up. I wanted it to be less about giving the images to someone else and more about the process and doing it for themselves. Taking the plunge to do something like this is hard. Loving your body is hard and it is a never ending process. As women our body changes with children, milestones and unforeseen circumstances. Your body held your children, it took you through your trip abroad, it hiked you up to the top of that cliff and it holds your beautiful mind and soul.  Your body is a reflection of your life so try and celebrate it. I invite you to email me your thoughts and fears. I would love to share my knowledge with you and collectively create something beautiful together.


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